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What happens after 90 Days at Autism 360™

When you join Autism 360™, we always start with an initial 90 Days plan (Read why)

So what happens after 90 Days?

After the initial 90 days, families typically choose one of following 3 options:

Continue for another 90 Days with NEW Goals: Subject to available funding, most parents choose this option. Assuming the target goals for the first 90 days have already been mastered, families would either [a] choose to work with the same coach with an upLevel goal, or [b] work with a different coach for another 3 months to focus on a different goal (maybe the focus could shift from communication skills to improved relationships)

Rollover to a Monthly Momentum Framework: Families may choose a more streamlined framework that is not as intensive as Autism 360™, but still helps to continue momentum on the progress made over the last 90 days. This would allow families to maintain laser-sharp focus on developing the child's goals, while significantly reducing the time and cost involved.

Feel Empowered & Move On: This is the outcome that we aim for! Our goal is for you to have all the tools, resources and strategies you need to be able to make meaningful and ongoing impact in your child's life - without being handcuffed to therapists for life; and that includes us :-)

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Updated on: 01/03/2021

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