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Can I continue current Therapy while with Autism 360™

Yes, and we recommend that you do not make any abrupt changes to your child's therapy schedule - at least during the first 4-6 weeks without consulting your Coach. Autistic kids thrive on routines and Autism 360™ will introduce some gradual changes to the same (which the child may not like during initial stages).

Therefore, further disrupting the existing schedule is generally not advisable, as it can result to an increase in difficult behaviours, tantrums and (in some cases) meltdowns. Moreover, depending on your goals, we may end up working together in collaboration with your existing therapy provider/s to create a win-win outcome for you and your child.

Remember, it takes a village to raise an Autistic child and our role is to add to that support system, not take away its important elements :-)

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Updated on: 01/03/2021

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