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What a 12 Week Program Plan looks like?

The 12 weeks Program Plan is created by your Coach (therapist) after your initial Goal planning session. Initially, the program looks much like a scaffolding (or an initial outline) that is subsequently enriched each week with detailed therapy outline and underpinned strategies.

Some essential characteristics of a great Program Plan:

Each week is laser focused on a micro goal - a baby step which is easy to achieve but is a fundamental prerequisite to the 90 days SMART goal
Focus is always on Progress, NOT perfection
Program plan is not rigid or set in stone - each week, you and your coach inspect the plan and its applicability and make any necessary course corrections

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Example of a High Level Structure:

Here is an example of a high level program focused on micro goals.

Child Age: 5 yo
Currently: Nonverbal
SMART Goal: Ability for Jeremy (not real name) to make basic requests using 1-2 word phrases

Plan Objective: Jeremy is a strong sensory seeker and is strongly motivated to receive sensory inputs. Coach to use this interest to help Jeremy verbally articulate his needs.

12 Weeks Action Plan: Here is what it looks like at a high level.

Example of a high level 12 week plan

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Updated on: 01/03/2021

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