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What are some of the Common Goals that you work with?

We are a multi disciplinary team of therapists trained to take on pretty much any goal as long as its achievable (based on the child's current skill level) and is aligned to their NDIS Capacity Building objectives.

Please refer to How SMART Goals work and the 3 Pillars of our Framework

A few examples of Goals commonly requested by carers:

The child is able to read their feelings and self-regulate their emotions
For the child to use X number of words to express their basic needs and how they feel
For the child to be able to articulate their thoughts into words they can carry a conversation
Child to be toilet trained so they can do a wee and poo independently
For the child to understand how to interact appropriately with other in social situations through reading emotions and social cues
For the child to engage to direct play with others kids instead playing alone or parallel play
For the child to make attempts at regulating their emotions
For the child to improve their motor skills and carry out a set of defined self-care activities
For the child to focus on a non preferred task for X minutes at a time
The child is able to proactively ask for help
The child is able to learn an activity and generalise the learning
many more...

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Updated on: 24/02/2021

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