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What is the Cost of the Program?

Imagine walking into a supermarket and enquiring "what will be the cost of my weekly groceries?" It really depends on 2 factors, [a] your family's needs, and [b] your budget. Doesn't it?

Each child on Spectrum is unique; and so are their needs and abilities. Autism 360™ is NOT an online course with bunch of generic videos for carers to watch and learn. The program, just like any other therapy, is uniquely tailored to your child's specific goals. So the pricing varies based on your specific situation.

Autism 360™ is a Parent Mediated Therapy Program wherein you'll work one-on-one with a team of multi-disciplinary professionals to help you meet your child's specific goals. These goals, could be improved communication & social skills, behaviour/emotional regulation, learning & cognitive abilities, or anything that is closely aligned to your child's NDIS objectives.

This multi-disciplinary team of professionals may include (read the type of Coaches we employ):
a Speech Therapist/SLP
a Behaviour Therapist (or Psychologist)
an Occupational or Sensory Enrichment therapist, and
a Special Educator

That said, our pricing is transparent and all inclusive. When you work with us, you will know our charges upfront and there will be no hidden fees or surcharges.

The initial step to receive a fixed price quote for the first 90 days would be to evaluate whether Autism 360™ would be a great fit for your family and vice-versa. You can get started by following the process below:

Spare a couple of minutes to fill up this EOI form online
You would then be redirected to an online calendar to book an Introduction call with one of our Program Advisors
Choose a date and time based on your availability
Confirm your booking and add a reminder to your diary

There is no cost for this booking.

During the call, the Program advisor will clearly assess your needs and agree with you on a set of possible goals and an action plan. Based on these goals and the level of support needed, you will receive a fixed price quote for 90 days. Our quote is all-inclusive and covers all needed sessions, strategies, resources and a set of selected external softwares/apps required to achieve the goals.

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OR, 👍 CLICK HERE for a Free Consultation with Autism 360™ Program Advisor

Updated on: 01/03/2021

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