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What is Included in the Program fees?

Cost of Autism 360™ is all-inclusive. Read, how does costing work for the Program.

When you work with us, you pay a scheduled monthly fee - there would be no hidden charged and no ad-hoc surcharges.

Your Program Fees include everything:

Weekly 1 hour one-on-one Capacity building therapy support
Access to additional therapy sessions (as required)
Midweek check-in calls to maintain momentum (if opted in my client)
Access to online Learning resources
Access to premium Apps (as required)
Accountability across max 3 goals using the SMART framework to be achieved using a 12 week plan
Access to 360 Parents Support Group for Increased participation
Fortnightly themed group workshops on skill building
All resources, worksheets, Visuals and data-collection charts
Access to our proprietary Autism 360™ web-based Application for tracking and monitoring

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Updated on: 01/03/2021

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